A key ingredient in our planet’s future


As part of the Chuco Relic Gives Back project, the El Paso Zoo Society and Chuco Relic have worked together to bring you this unique Chihuahuan Desert Tank, perfect for the warm weather common to El Paso. With every purchase of this Chihuahuan

Desert Tank, we receive 15% of each sale to help further our conservation efforts at your El Paso Zoo, the beautiful Chihuahuan Desert, and beyond! Purchase your tank today!


Join the El Paso Zoo Society as we celebrate all walks of life! Inclusion and diversity are what makes us all great! Show your support with our new bat pride t-shirt and tank design. As one of the first Zoos to join in on Pride month, we are grateful and honored to stand alongside our LGBTQ+ community brothers and sisters! Here’s to a happy and fabulous Pride month! But don’t you worry, our vintage “Hear Me Roar” design from our 2018 pride event is still available!

Your purchase will help us continue our mission of supporting the El Paso Zoo and conservation! It doesn’t get any wilder than this! Check out the link below for more info!

El Paso Zoo Society and DeadBeach Brewery teamed up for our ConCerveza campaign this fall, supporting the El Paso Zoo and wolf conservation.

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Offering Endangered Species a Second Chance

Learn about Misha, a young Przewalski’s horse, and her journey as she takes part in a conservation program that is giving endangered species a second chance. Follow the link to read a special message from one of our zookeepers who explains the importance of the conservation efforts we support.

Want to turn compassion into action?

Volunteers are truly the “backbone” for all education programming, special fundraising events and Zoological Society planning for the El Paso Zoo. Volunteers range from zookeeper aid, education assistant, gardener, animal health care to office assistant. Click the link below to learn how you could set your footprint as a volunteer!