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Live life cleaner by making Earth greener!

Pam AgulloEVERY day is Earth Day at the El Paso Zoo Society and the El Paso Zoo! Mrs. Texas Earth invites you to join us in practicing sustainability in your home and in your every day lives. It is fun, easy, and good for our beautiful planet.

Join Mrs. Texas Earth every Wednesday on our Facebook and Instagram pages to learn how YOU can do your part to stop animal extinction, aid in conservation, and to take care of our planet.

These unprecedented times that we are living through have come to show that when we come together and work towards a common goal, anything is possible. The pandemic has allowed our Planet to experience positive changes visible in nature and climate. Now is our opportunity to have long term shifts towards a greener and sustainable lifestyle to allow humanity  to live in harmony with nature and wildlife.

Join us in committing to a life that considers the future of all generations to come that includes all of Planet Earth’s inhabitants.
We are all in this together! There’s no “Planet” B.

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Offering Endangered Species a Second Chance

Learn about Misha, a young Przewalski’s horse, and her journey as she takes part in a conservation program that is giving endangered species a second chance. Follow the link to read a special message from one of our zookeepers who explains the importance of the conservation efforts we support.

Want to turn compassion into action?

Volunteers are truly the “backbone” for all education programming, special fundraising events and Zoological Society planning for the El Paso Zoo. Volunteers range from zookeeper aid, education assistant, gardener, animal health care to office assistant. Click the link below to learn how you could set your footprint as a volunteer!