The term “Rock Star” has many definitions; one in particular states that a rock star is defined as, “a star or celebrity in any field or profession, or anyone who is highly admired”.  The El Paso Zoological Society is home to more than 50 active volunteers, whose dedication and commitment aide in reconnecting guests with nature and who are our true rock stars.

El Paso Zoological Volunteer

The Zoological Society is proud to announce its launch of its new Senior Volunteer Program for 2018. This program focuses on having Exhibit hosts, talk to the public about all the new and exciting opportunities happening at the El Paso Zoo.
Anthony Kiedis, front man for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, said it best, “A Rock Star does not age!” You are never too old to monkey around, and you are never too old to get involved here at the Zoo for yourself and your community.

Become a valued, admired and true rock star when you join the wildest club in town! For more information, you can call (915)212-0244 or email at