The El Paso Zoo is the proud home of an 18 year old California sea lion named L.B. (Little Bit) , who’s goofy and intelligent personality, shines through every sea lion program he participates in. This over 700-pound male sea lion made the El Paso Zoo his home in March 2013, when he made the long journey all the way from Gulf World Marine Park of Panama City Beach, Florida. Would you believe L.B can consume up to 38 pounds of fish daily? That is a whopping 15,000 calories! That would be the same as eating 50 slices of pepperoni pizza, but L.B. does not seem to mind.

Little Bit-El paso Zoological Society

Sea lions, like L.B., have powerful flippers that can help them reach speeds up to 25 miles per hour and can also slow their heart rate down, just enough to remain under water for up to 10 minutes.  L.B. retired from the Navy where he was part of the U.S Marine Mammal Program. He learned many of his behaviors there and is a “work smarter, not harder”, kind of guy. Our keepers are continuously developing new ways to keep him active and engaged. L.B. is saluting all those who come to see him during his programs. So come on by and visit this fish-eating machine, at your El Paso Zoo!