On Saturday, February the 18th, visitors to downtown El Paso will see things crawling down from a high building, that otherwise shouldn’t belong there. No, it’s not the monkeys from our zoo…it’s actually people from our community, rappelling down the Anson Mills building to raise money for the El Paso Zoological Society.

Over the Edge El Paso Texas

The “Over the Edge” team is partnering with the Zoological Society to raise funds that support projects like animal care, enrichment programs, educational events, wildlife conservation, and the EP Zoo veterinary clinic. Each of the 100 “Edgers” brings a minimum of $1,000 raised funds to the event, and gets to safely rappel down the length of the tall wall, conquering (we hope) any fear of heights that they may have.

Is it Safe?

Absolutely! Over the Edge has helped non-profits around the world conduct similar fundraising events, and it’s all done for the benefit of the local community. Their extremely knowledgeable and trained staff oversee every aspect of the event, from the proper equipment use to the technical aspects of the area being repelled. Yes, there’s even extra insurance!

Giving Edgers a Foot Up

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that some of the participants might get a little nervous. All of the participants are invited to attend the “Over the Edge Liquid Courage Party” (courtesy of the Double Tree Hotel) to knock out a bit of their anxiety and calm their nerves as they pick up their rappelling packet that will include event shirt, parking pass, and other goodies.

The very first people to rappel will include local community leaders and media on Friday, February 17th from 1pm- 5pm and on the following day, our thrill seeking Edgers will begin rappelling from noon- 8pm.

Come Cheer on Your Favorite Edger!

Even if you’re not going to climb down the side of the Mills building, you can still join in on the fundraising efforts and visit as a spectator. The “Block Party” will be in Downtown El Paso at San Jacinto Plaza, on Saturday, February 18th, noon to 8pm with a free concert from 8pm-10pm.

There will be live entertainment, music, food trucks, craft vendors, and kid’s zone for younger family members and even a climbing rock wall for those people who might not, ahem, be brave enough to scale down a multi-story building.

It’s Not Too Late to Sign Up

Do you love the El Paso Zoo? Are you an adrenaline junkie? Do you want to send your boss off of the top of a building (with their permission, of course)? Then it’s not too late to register for one of the remaining spots for this exciting and unique event. Your courage helps the Zoological society promote animal health, preservation, and education in both El Paso and around the rest of the world.

Learn more about the event and how to register by contacting the El Paso Zoological Society at 915.212.0245 or sign up online at www.epzsovertheedge.com!