Quick Facts About Coatis:

  • The coati is a relative of the raccoon with a long, pointed muzzle, a long bush tail, and brown to red-brown hair.
  • The species is very social, living in bands of up to 30, which are usually related females and their young. Adult males are typically solitary.
  • Coatis walk with their ringed tails held high. When climbing, their tail is used for balance.
  • Coatis feed by using their long noses, poking them under rocks and crevices. They also use their long claws to dig holes or tear apart rotting logs.

Did you know our male Coati’s name is Ziggy and our female Coati’s name is Shelby? They love to wonder all around their intricate exhibit to find their favorite snack, which are mealworms.

Conservation Status:  Not Endangered
El Paso Zoo Location:  Chihuahuan Desert