Quick Facts about Przewalski’s Horse (P-Horse)

  • The Przewalski’s Horse was named for Nikoli Przewalski who lived from 1839- 1888.
  • Przewalski’s Horses have 66 chromosomes while domestic horses only have 64. The two can breed and produce offspring that have 65 chromosomes.
  • They have never been tamed for riding, which means they are the last truly wild horse still in existence.
  • The Mongolian name for these horses is “takhi”, which means “spirit”. Takhi are a symbol of their national heritage.

Did you know this species of horse was once extinct in the wild? Since then, many recovery efforts have been established. Our very own philly, Misha, was part of a group of P-Horses that were reintroduced to the wild! At the El Paso Zoo, our family of P-Horses on exhibit are Vitaly, Brianna, and Holly.

Conservation Status:  Endangered
El Paso Zoo Location: Asia