Grant’s Zebra

Quick Facts About Zebras:
  • There are three species of Zebras: Plains, Mountain, and Grevy’s.  The Zebra’s at the El Paso Zoo are Grant’s Zebras, a sub species of Plains Zebras.
  • A group of Zebras is called a “Dazzle”.
  • Zebras are black animals with white stripes.
  • No two zebras have the same pattern of stripes.

Did you know that the El Paso Zoo is home to seven, all female Zebras? Their names are Stormy, Ebony, Ivory, Firefly, Brava, Dulce, and Sweet Pea. It’s a wonder how their Zookeepers can tell them apart!

Conservation Status: The Plains Zebra is not endangered.
El Paso Zoo Location: Lower Savannah in the African Section